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Visual Shortcodes
HEROCODES. Create Incredible Content for Pages and Posts
Even if you don't know any code, you can use the amazing shortcodes to create content for your readers. With a live preview, you can edit shortcodes just like a page builder and make yours stand out.
Click, Click, Done!
Many shortcode plugins are completely overlaid with meaningless shortcodes that nobody needs. We have focused on a few that every blogger and affiliate needs for their daily work.
Frontend LIVE Customizer
It is very tiring to specify its contents and settings within the Shortcode with parameters. This is over now! Shortcode in, make settings in the Live-Editor, Ready!
The entire content of all Herocodes is managed in separate item properties in the Shortcode. No more annoying content entry within the shortcode.
Amazing Shortcodes
Why Wasting Precious Time For Writing Code? Just Click On “HEROCODES” Button. Shortcode Will Be Created And Inserted Automatically.

Accordion / FAQ

You can use beautiful accordions to organize your content in style. Or use the FAQ feature to create FAQ areas that highlight your content. Realize your ideas with just a few clicks.


You can create different types of alerts to attract users' attention. Styling is unlimited, customize your styles with colors, fonts, icons and various effects.


The reader likes to fly over content, and the boxes can be used to highlight important content. You can resize, color, headline, font, and shape to fit your blog perfectly.

Link Box

Organizing content for search engines is more important than ever. With the link boxes these are now also optically beautifully prepared for the reader. You can completely customize colors, fonts, columns, images and links.

Pro & Contra

Everyone writes testimonials or compares products or services. This Shortcode will make it easy to integrate a real eye-catcher in the future. Also here you can create your own individual style.


Useful WordPress star rating shortcode with Google Rich Snippets support. Star ratings come with many font based icons. The ratings can also be managed in the post or on the page at any time.


If you provide a service through your website, you can use this Shortcode to highlight your services. We have integrated Font Awesome, so all necessary icons are already responsive. Realize your style.

Sticky Elements

Sticky is an element that can be optimally used for lead generation, conversion improvement or simply to display an individual advertising banner. If the visitor scrolls to a certain point on the website, the sticky element can be displayed either above or below the website.

Table of Contents

In order to display a table of contents, many use a plugin. With our HEROCODES this is no longer necessary. The table of contents even works on pages. Try it out, you will be amazed.


Integrate beautiful and feature-rich tables into your posts and pages without having to write code. Table data can be edited in a frontend live editor, so no coding is required. Tables can contain any kind of data.


Tabs is a fantastic WordPress content shortcode with many nice features. A great way to highlight multiple pieces of information in a small space. Easily create horizontal and vertical tabs in any style.


Testimonials have proven themselves. For this reason, Amazon, for example, tends to buy products for which there is already a lot of positive customer feedback rather than products without feedback. Companies create trust with their customers by linking people and brands in this way - and this is often a decisive argument for hesitant buyers.
Powerful Features
Create beautiful Landing Pages & Posts with a few clicks, to make your Posts look better than your Competitors!
Create your own Design
With more than 1 million settings to choose from, you can customize everything to suit your needs. The Drag & Drop elements support you during the customization.
Compatible with all Themes
No matter which theme you use, the HEROCODES will work. It doesn't matter if you run a news website, a blog or an e-commerce shop.
Responsive across all Devices
Our custom-made framework dynamically adjusts all shortcodes and ensures that deube websites always look perfect.
1-Click Shortcode
Choose a Shortcode, click and you're done. The Shortcode is inserted immediately and can be edited either directly or via the Frontend Live Customizer.
Shortcode Live Customizer
Drag & Drop, slider, color selection, dropdown menus, the Frontend Live Customizer leaves nothing to be desired.
RTL Support
The LTR and the RTL write mode are supported. This means that no matter which country you come from, your needs will be perfectly met.
Optimized Performance
Even though HEROCODES offers many functions, this does not mean that your website will slow down. A well-thought-out architecture and years of experience in product development ensure that your website is loaded at lightning speed.
Clean and Secure Code
The code is professionally written. Created using valid HTML5, CSS3 and PHP code and complies with WordPress coding standards.
Available in 29 languages
The plugin is available in 29 languages, which makes administration easier for you. You can customize the shortcodes quickly and individually.