Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose MYHEROTHEMES?
WordPress is our passion that is reflected not only in the reviews of our satisfied customers. Our designs are very beautiful and our plugins convince with easy-to-use user interfaces, even if they have complex functions. In addition, we offer an outstanding price-performance ratio, compared to some of our competitors.
Is the price really valid for all themes?
Yes, you can use all our themes for unlimited time.
What does the update service include?
With the update service your website will always be up to date. Technical requirements change regularly, so WordPress security holes must be closed quickly. We are constantly working to keep all our themes and plugins up to date.
Can I use themes and plugins on several domains?
Yes, you are free to use our themes and plugins on any number of your websites. We do not limit how often a theme or plugin can be used, nor do we limit the number of domains on which it can be installed.
What payment methods are available?
We work with Stripe, the international market leader for secure (SSL-encrypted) online payments. Payment can therefore be made with all common credit cards.
What does lifetime access mean?
Lifetime access is a one-time fee. After purchase you get access to all our themes and plugins, as well as all updates and new products forever! There are no additional costs.
Can the themes be customized?
Of course, each theme can be customized according to your own wishes. No code elements are encrypted in the themes.
Do the themes work with third-party plugins?
Although our themes should work well with most plugins, there is no way for us to test and guarantee that all plugins work. However, we can guarantee that our themes are excellently encoded and that every plugin should work with our themes.
Do I need code knowledge to use this plugin?
No, not at all. All our plugins provide a user-friendly interface, which allows all necessary settings to be made without any programming knowledge.
Do the plugins work with third-party themes?
Although our plugins should work well with most themes, there is no way for us to test and guarantee that this is the case with all themes. However, we can guarantee that our plugins are excellently coded and that every theme should work with our plugins.
Which browsers support our themes?
Our themes are tested for compatibility in all leading browsers and support all modern browsers (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
Do our themes work with
Unfortunately does not allow the use of other themes. This is only possible in the business rate. In general, however, it is recommended to host WordPress yourself with a hosting provider.
Account Questions
How do I set my avatar?
In the customer account directly under the tab Account you can upload a picture for your avatar.
When do I get an invoice?
As soon as the free trial period has expired, we will provide a invoice in your customer account.
How can I change my billing information?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change a billing address retroactively. Pay close attention to what data you provide. The stored information can be changed at any time for subsequent invoices.
Why can't I log in?
Often a small twist of numbers is the reason for this. Please use the Forgot Password function first and have a new password sent to you by Email.
Is my account transferable?
Basically your account would be transferable. Especially for lifetime customers, this question often arises when they sell, get out of their business or orientate themselves in some other way. Please note, however, that you are no longer allowed to use our themes and plugins on any of your websites.
Why do I receive so many Emails?
If you think you receive too many Emails, you can disable certain messages in your customer account under Email settings. No worries - every important message is additionally stored in your HERO mailbox.
Can I upgrade to another plan at any time?
Yes, an upgrade can be performed at any time even after registration. The current rate can be viewed in the customer account, simply follow the appropriate instructions for an upgrade.
How can I cancel?
Too bad you want to quit. We have made canceling as easy as possible, so please do not send us an email or letter. You can cancel at any time via your customer account.
Support Questions
How is support handled?
In your account you always have full access to all support forums. Other vendors like to limit the support to a few months. With us it's different, so you can always and at any time contact our support. We'll be glad to help you.
In which language do I get support?
Support is currently available in English and German. However, it is planned to expand the support for French, Italian and Spanish.
Is there also a documentation of the themes?
We offer clear documentation for all our themes. In this theme guide, you will learn step by step how to customize the design.
Can someone help me install and set up?
We offer an installation and setup service. Please contact us directly. The costs depend on the extent of the corresponding activities.
Do I get support if I have already cancelled?
Yes, of course. However, our support can only help if the latest version of the themes or plugins is used. After all, an update could already have solved the problem directly.
Affiliate Program Questions
Is search engine marketing allowed?
Search engine marketing (SEM) may generally be carried out. Brand bidding is not permitted, not even in variations, misspellings or word combinations.
Is it possible to use AdWords?
Basically the booking of Google Adword is allowed. Provided that the publication of AdWords (or any form of paid search results) with generally valid terms as keywords, which do not violate the rights of third parties. Protected terms would be inadmissible, this applies in particular to all trademarks of
Which advertising materials are available?
Any content of our website can be linked to a Ref-ID. In particular, the use of images from our themes and plugins is expressly permitted as long as these are not denigrated.
How does tracking via my Ref-ID work?
When you sign up as an affiliate, you will automatically be assigned a Ref-ID. If you now insert a banner or a text link created via the link generator on your website, all orders placed via this partner link will be automatically assigned to you.
What is my Ref-ID and where can I find it?
You can find your Ref-ID in your customer account under the tab Affiliate.
What is potential balance?
As soon as a customer has successfully made a booking via your RefID, this balance initially appears under potential balance. After a holding period of 10 days, a withdrawal can be requested at any time.
How to request a payout?
To ensure maximum reliability, we have fully automated this process. For a payment, valid address data and a valid Paypal address must first be entered.
When is a payout issued?
Credits from the affiliate program can be requested for payout at any time. Payment is made on the 15th of each month.
How do I register for the affiliate program?
You can register via the menupoint: Affiliates