Premium WordPress plugins or do it free plugins too?

May 1, 2018

But first we will clarify what plugins are.

Plugins are scripts written in PHP to add functionality to the blog or modify a certain behavior.

Plugins can convert a blog into an online shop, another plugin turns your blog into a press portal or a forum.

Simply put, plugins solve many functionalities that are necessary for the use of the blog. The application possibilities are endless.

But unfortunately, the fact that there are so many plugins is of course also a disadvantage. With the large selection of plugins, the decision is often not easy.

With this article we show when it is worth using a premium plugin and when it is best to stick with a free plugin.

Pros of free plugins

The biggest pros of free WordPress plugins are found quickly:

  1. These are free and there are many different ones that can do similar things.
  2. They can be installed quickly and the range of functions can be inspected.
  3. You can quickly get an overview of the ratings and experiences of the plugin.
  4. Easy installation from your WordPress blog.

TIP: We strongly advise against downloading free plugins from other platforms, which may contain hidden malicious code.

All plugins listed in the plugin directory are subject to the strictest controls regarding the code used.

Therefore its use here is completely harmless.

Cons of free plugins

The biggest Cons of free plugins is that the support handling is clearly missing.

Even if a plugin forum is connected to, it can be very difficult to solve your problem.

It often happens that an apparently good free plugin has been installed, but the plugin does not receive any further updates and is therefore no longer compatible with the latest WordPress version.

This is very annoying because an alternative must be found quickly. But that's the risk with free plugins.

Consider therefore also, if it is free, then the developer, programmer or hobbyist can have sometime simply no more time, because he must earn of course somehow his livelihood.

In the best case, such a free plugin can slow down your blog. In the worst case, however, it opens security holes or crashes the entire WordPress blog.

If the database is still affected and no backup copy or backup has been made, you start again from 0.

Pros of Premium Plugins

Without exaggerating, premium plugins have a lot to offer.

Such suppliers have a great incentive to make their products ever better and also to include customer wishes in the further development.

  • Tend to better documentation and installation instructions
  • Comprehensive customer service: Support directly or for a limited period of time
  • Regular updates and functional enhancements

The risk that the Premium Plugin offerer does not announce itself sometime no more or no more updates is rather small, because if one wants to call it in such a way, is their daily business.

Therefore, premium plugins can be expected to be much more reliable than free plugins.

Cons of premium plugins

Despite the not insignificant pros and cons of premium plugins. The biggest and most obvious is the cost of such a premium plugin.

If several premium plugins are used at the same time, this can cost a lot of money. Also, some plugins do not have small costs.

It is particularly treacherous that for nearly each further Blog additional costs result.

Especially for users who use blogs for business purposes, a not insignificant sum is already being collected at the end of the year.

TIP: However, there are also providers that offer club memberships, for example, and do not charge any additional costs for an unlimited license.

Possibly the purchased Premium Plugin does not cover all desired functions. However, many providers offer a trial period or a money back guarantee.

However, it is best to inform the provider and perhaps the missing function will already be integrated with the next update.

However, if a premium plugin is too complex, it only helps to get used to it and get to know the plugin.

Free or Premium

If only a private blog, a family blog or a leisure blog is started, free plugins are a good solution.

Special business solutions needed to earn money or basic functions needed to ensure or increase the success of a website should be made use of premium solutions.

Premium vendors have specialized in these special premium plugins for a reason. Only the costs for license models should be considered very carefully here.

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Jordan Alleson
Webdesigner and developer, who likes to build beautiful things with WordPress and write about them afterwards. His interests include technology, usability and time management.
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