How do I find the right Business Theme?

May 1, 2018

Especially beginners are completely overwhelmed at the beginning with the question which theme is best for the business.

With so many choices, it's even more than understandable, because there are thousands of free themes or even premium themes.

To make the decision easier, we have summarized the most important factors. So what is important to start with a new business website.

Choosing the right Business Theme is crucial

With WordPress you can create all kinds of websites.

These range from the small craftsman website to the restaurant website or from an agency website to complex project planning of business websites.

With the right choice of themes in connection with plugins there are no limits.

For a website on political or social topics, for example, attention should be paid to a good legibility of the contributions.

Business Themes already contain a variety of customization options to give the website its own personal touch.

To get a first idea of what is well received on the market, it is helpful to first look at some of your strongest competitors.

The following assessment steps will help you to find the right Business Theme for your website.

Simple appearance

Many themes contain many colors, complex layouts and eye-catching animations.

Often less is more, so these things can distract from the core of the website, the products or services offered.

Choose a business theme that supports you in achieving your goals.

It has to look good without compromising usability and simplicity.

TIP: If a theme looks good but doesn't help you to get new business or subscribers, then it's not a good business theme. It's also not a good theme if the users of your website can't find their way around.

Responsive capable

A business theme must be able to respond. Many users surf with the smartphone or tablet, the layout of the website then automatically adapts to the screen size.

Google in particular takes great care to only display websites that are responsive to visitors at the foremost search positions.

If your business site is not Responsive, a large number of potential customers will not even find their way to you on the website.

Also it is rather annoying for the smartphone or tablet user to be able to view the website completely, to scroll constantly left and right.

TIP: If a business theme is not Responsive, this is already an exclusion criterion. With the multitude of alternative themes also no leg break.

The browser compatibility

Your visitors will use many different browsers. For example, the theme is optimally displayed in the Firefox browser, but something is broken in the chrome browser.

Developers of business themes know this and usually check this circumstance before a theme is offered for sale.

Therefore, browser compatibility is in most cases clearly mentioned on the website.

TIP: If this is not the case, make a browser test like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. before purchasing.

Common plugins support

Without plugins a WordPress website is only half as good, therefore common plugins should be compatible with the Business Theme.

TIP: This includes forms, SEO tools, cache, etc. If necessary, ask the developer of the business theme whether this is the case.

Monolingual or multilingual

Not every Business Theme is available in the national language or in English. You may need to create your website in another language and manually translate frontend elements.

TIP: Ideally, the desired Business Theme is offered in several languages, making it easy to select your own language. This makes administration in the backend and frontend easier.

24/7 Support Help

The big disadvantage of free business themes is that there is no guaranteed support. Once something is broken, you have to be able to locate and repair these problems yourself.

However, support options are generally included for a certain period of time for paid business themes.

TIP: If no detailed documentation is available, at least long-term 24/7 support should be included.

SEO friendly

The SEO friendliness of a website is ultimately not only crucial for the website. Good-looking but badly encoded HTML codes can affect search engine performance.

This is a very difficult step for outsiders to judge, so developers usually inform when the business theme is SEO optimized.

TIP: You can also use external services to check whether the code is valid. The W3C tool generally issues a lot of warnings, but don't worry.

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Andrew Phan
As well as Photoshop, he specializes in WordPress and Responsive Web Design. He also publishes articles, tips and tutorials on WordPress Themes.
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