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Social Sharing
NEPTUN. Functional Social Media Plugin For Your Website
Make sharing your content easy, fast and beautiful. Let your website stand out from the crowd to get more shares and more followers by using highly effective methods of social sharing.
Privacy Safe
Sharing Buttons do not collect visitor data
Social Sharing Made Easy
The most advanced yet simplest WordPress plugin to increase your social popularity and provide visitors with many useful tools.
Build Your Design
Design is important, so you can easily customize all Share Buttons to your wishes. Simply open the color editor and select the colors you want.
+70 Networks
In addition to all known social networks, image, video, messenger and e-mail services are also available. In addition, special buttons with great functions.
Different websites, pages and posts have different needs for Shocial Sharing. That is why we have integrated a large selection of locations.
We have put together many different button and icon animations to attract the attention of the visitors.
Timed Delay
Define a time delay for your Pop-Ups and Fly-Ins. These are triggered as soon as the visitor has been on a page for a certain time.
Custom Title & Message
You can personalize the Pop-Ups and Fly-Ins with a custom title and message. Address your visitors directly.
Responsive Across All Devices
The Sharing and Follow Buttons are designed to look good on all browsers and mobile devices. The visitor does not perceive the buttons as disturbing.
Available in 29 languages
The plugin is available in 29 languages, which makes administration easier for you. You can customize the share buttons quickly and individually by using predefined styles.
Track Follows and Shares
Traffic statistics only give you an obvious indication of how interesting a post is. In the future you will be able to find out exactly which post is well loved by your readers.
+70 most popular social networks & Services
All Most Popular Social Networks
Choose from the most popular social networks the ones you want to be displayed on your website. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. But we have also integrated social networks from Asia.
Images Networks
Have your images shared by visitors on many popular image networks. These include Printerest, Flickr and many more.
Videos Networks
Network your video channels to further increase your fans. These include YouTube and Vimeo.
Messenger Services
Mobile users can use all common mobile applications. These include WhatsApp, SMS, Skype, Telegram and many more.
Newsletter Services
Turn visitors into real fans, with integrated newsletter buttons that provide additional attention. These include AWeber and MailChimp.
Special Buttons
In addition, we have integrated some special buttons to make certain actions easier for the visitor. These include write a comment, copy link, next post, print post, QR Code and much more.
Automatic display positions
Can be added to any web page without changing the code. Visitors can now easily share your content and media.
A Pop-Up can be triggered particularly effectively by various actions due to timed delays
A great way to encourage sharing when the visitor is most concerned with your post
Media Sharing
Media are the most shared content on the web

When visitors move their mouse over media elements (Images & Videos), the social media buttons are displayed to make sharing quick and easy.

In the mobile version, the familiar share icon is displayed on the media. When you touch the share icon, the stored social media networks open.

Integrated Statistics
Everything you need to optimize your social media

Monitoring the social activities of your visitors is an essential part of any social media strategy and is crucial to increasing the number of fans on social networks.

As the best social sharing plugin, NEPTUN gives you all the tools you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your social media interactions without having to be a social media expert.