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Travel Generator
TRAVELKING. More sales through individual and effective advertising!
With TRAVELKING you can create individual offers for flights, hotels, travel, rental cars and cruises with just a few clicks. Over 1,000,000 design options!
GDPR conform
Compliance with data protection regulations
Offer generator for the following topics:
Flights Price Comparison
Hotels Price Comparison
Travel Price Comparison
Rental Car Price Comparison
Cruises Price Comparison
Available in 29 languages
Affiliate Connection!
Connected travel providers are special.de, Schmetterling, Travelan and Travianet. Simply enter the respective PartnerID in the settings and get started.
The Offer Generator
Offers can be created completely individually with just a few clicks. Prices are automatically updated every 24 hours.
Shortcodes & Widgets
The Travel Shortcodes can be inserted, configured and designed anywhere. In addition, each short code is also available as a widget. Compatible with Page Builders & Sliders.
The booking engine
The search boxes can be 100% individualized and adapted to your own ideas and wishes.
The search boxes are delivered without iFrame (better readable for search engines).
Content and design fully customizable to your own website.
Free choice of which search fields should be displayed and in which order.
Free specification of additional filters and fields and their desired default values.
You decide yourself which fields should be displayed on the different devices.
Optionally adjustable for computer, notebook, tablet & mobile phone
Define labeling and default settings
Define Search box Arrangements
Preview Searchbox: Package tour
(further demos)
The offer formats
Similar to the search boxes, every conceivable offer format can be created according to your own wishes.
4 basic formats for appealing offer formats: Balls, Grid, List & Cubes
Content and design fully customizable to your own website
Optionally adjustable for computer, notebook, tablet & mobile phone
Flexible offer format that allows to combine adjustments and a desired compilation of offers without programming knowledge or to align them to the visitor.
Additional advertising and detailed adjustment of the offers
Preview Offer: Grid
(further demos)
Frontend LIVE Customizer
Any changes made are immediately displayed live. This makes it particularly easy to individualize.
By the integrated template management, the own styles are at any time for other Shortcodes callable.
Integrated Statistics
Meaningful live statistics that support the optimization and improvement of the conversion. The statistics can be either activated or deactivated. Since no personal data is stored, no amendment to the data protection regulations is necessary.
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Current Month
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TOP Offers
Best Offers
Offer History
Powerful Features
Create beautiful offers with a few clicks, so that your contributions and pages look better than those of your competitors!
Create your own design
With more than 1 million settings to choose from, you can customize everything to suit your needs.
Compatible with all themes
No matter which theme is used, the TRAVELKING Shortcodes, Offers & Results pages always work.
Responsive on all devices
Our customized framework dynamically adjusts all shortcodes and ensures that the website always looks perfect.
1-Click Shortcode
Choose a short code, click and you're done. The shortcode is inserted immediately and can be edited directly.
Shortcode Live Customizer
Create any conceivable layout with the intuitive Drag & Drop Builder - without programming knowledge.
A/B Testing & Optimization
More revenue through targeted conversion rate optimization for high click offers.
Optimized Performance
A well thought-out architecture and years of experience in the development of products ensure that the website is loaded at lightning speed.
Code Quality
The code is written professionally. Created with valid HTML5, CSS3 and PHP code and adherence to WordPress coding standards.
RTL Support
The LTR and RTL write modes are supported. This means that no matter which country you come from, your needs will be perfectly met.