Beginner’s Guide: How do I get good backlinks to my website?

May 1, 2018

Backlink strategies have long been an important part of online marketing.

The quality of backlinks has not changed in recent years, only the methods have changed how a good backlink structure should be implemented.

A good backlink strategy should always be seen holistically and be integrated seamlessly into marketing.

This means that when implementing backlink strategies, attention should not only be paid to a high domain authority, but also direct traffic can be generated.

What is the point of backlinks?

Let us take a close look at the strategies that can be used to achieve this.

1. Guest contributions

While this strategy takes the most time, it is also the most effective.

Not only can these guest contributions increase the reach of your brand, the use of content links (text links) improves the ranking of the linked term.

But also visitors are directed directly to your website, which can now be bound to you in the long term through customer loyalty measures on your website.

With this backlink strategy all necessary factors are fulfilled, which speak for a long-term success of your website.

This development of relationships with other influencers also opens up further opportunities for cooperation in the form of marketing activities.

What's the best way to do that?

  1. First research which blogs would be considered. If possible, create a very extensive list.
  2. Think of exciting content to win the blogger for you, who sees a real added value in publishing your guest contribution.
  3. Afterwards you contact a few bloggers and ask them to publish a guest article. Don't let yourself be discouraged if you get some cancellations at the beginning.
  4. If a blogger agrees with a guest post, make it as easy as possible for him to publish it. Find out very precisely about how, what and where it is needed in order not to have to spend a lot of time with it.
  5. If you haven't already done so, offer the blogger to publish an expert article on your website.

2. Experience reports

With this type of contact it is very easy to get into conversation with the other person.

Testimonials are a popular way to present your product or other products better and more trustworthy.

Let us first take a closer look at the experience reports (test reports).

If you offer products or services on your website, this strategy is an optimal way to get good backlinks.

Google Search lets you quickly find out who is reviewing your products or services.

Now create an extensive list of websites that would be suitable for this.

Then contact the blogger by e-mail. But always remember: stay friendly, nice and attentive and avoid advertising phrases at this point.

These don't go down well and always seem very spammy.

Another strategy could be testimonials, for example. However, this strategy can only be used once a certain degree of awareness of you has been established.

Testimonials use the credibility or trust of a target group of a known person to strengthen the advertising message for a product or service.

It is a kind of short report that someone publishes together with other opinions on his website and often also with a link to their website.

3. Offer content as a link

Bloggers are constantly looking for content, information graphics and videos to create content for their own readers.

It is also very popular to create link collections for readers that provide further information on a specific topic.

Just ask the respective blogger to include your advisor, your tutorial or your explanatory video in this link collection.

Here you can use Google Search again optimally, with the keyword "link collection" + topic you will find countless examples that could also refer to your content.

We also receive such inquiries ourselves and if it fits the topic and offers the reader added value, we are happy to include these links in our contributions.

Just make sure that it really fits the topic. We recommend contacting us via the social media channels.

4. Directories and yellow pages

Although this is an older backlink strategy, it is important that you are listed in directories.

Even today, directories and yellow pages are still very popular.

So use the opportunity to register in the directories and yellow pages relevant to your subject.

Registration is usually also free of charge. Fee-based offers can be dispensed with on a flat-rate basis.


We have shown you the most important backlink strategies here. Try to pick up one or the other idea and implement it.

Do not go about it without plan, a backlin construction must be planned carefully and then implemented purposefully.

For a little money you can also hire someone on fiverr who can do one or two jobs in backlinebuilding.

The overall goal should be to obtain links to high-quality sources that also increase the number of visitors to your own website.

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Nate Crump
He has been working in all areas of search engine optimization since 2001. His favorite topics include Conversational, Semantic Search and OnPage Optimization.
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