Beginner’s Guide: How can I increase my website’s traffic?

May 1, 2018

Getting started is very easy with WordPress. The basic software to install WordPress is very fast.

But it is difficult to start a successful blog with high visitor numbers.

Even if the number of visitors is still very low at the beginning, a contribution can already attract several thousand visitors to the website after some time.

How to do this is explained here. Even if it seems a little more complex at first, try to implement one or the other factor mentioned here.

You'll see, success will come.

Align content with readers who like to be shared

Of course, there are differences in how many visitors can be reached with a specific topic.

Regardless of the topic of the website, however, it depends on the information content of the content, which can be highlighted by

  • an information graphic
  • an appealing video
  • an experienced history
  • an experience report from which others can learn
  • a comparison or test report

Keep an eye on your direct competitors and control which content is shared particularly actively in the social media channels.

This will give you an initial idea of what content you should focus on for your contributions.

Keep an eye on trend topics, they can become a real visitor magnet for your website.

Communicate actively in communities that already have visitors

The advertising industry invests millions every year just to find out where consumers are active and how they spend their time.

Only to know how and in what way your own products or services can best be marketed.

Facebook, Google & Co. are probably among the largest data collectors and they therefore know relatively exactly what your users are doing and what they are doing at the moment.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to invest several thousand to find out where readers are on certain topics.

In fact, I'm sure you already know some good sources for it:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Question & Answer pages

But also be a bit creative when it comes to finding other websites that are relevant to your topic.

Now put together relevant communities and register there. But don't post wildly, it could backfire very quickly and damage your reputation.

First read along until you have a feeling for what is appropriate and what is not.

Then try to make a contribution with helpful information from the respective community.

Avoid spam and attract negative attention in any other way. Stay nice and friendly and you will be rewarded with visitors, trust and loyal fans.

Make your blog content SEO friendly

Some bloggers neglect this part almost completely. Search engines such as Google & Co. are real visitor magnets.

In conversations with such bloggers, the cause is often unfounded fears or even misunderstandings.

One could be banned completely from the search engines and since many people do not know each other very well, this topic is not dealt with at all.

The search engine optimization is not so difficult and already small tricks contribute to a strong improvement.

We have explained exactly how to do this in the post How you can use SEO for your websites.

However, we are not talking about Black Hat SEO, but rather compliance with current web standards and, if possible, a little more.

WordPress already delivers very good, handy and easy to use solutions in the form of plugins.

In general, you should refrain from any kind of SPAM methods, as this will only destroy the work you have invested in.

Share your content in the social media to attract more readers

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are no less impressive.

These websites are widely used by users all over the world. You should take advantage of that.

Even if it takes a little patience until many users become aware of the information you share there, it will pay off in the end.

Fill out your profiles on the social media channels as well as possible and use vivid photos, appealing headlines and useful descriptions.

Make your social media profiles known on your websites and link them.

Interact in these communities and use hash tags.

Through a high and authentic participation it is possible to get interested and topic-relevant visitors to the website.

Statistical evaluation with the help of analytics software

The best-known analytics software is Google Analytics and can also be used free of charge.

Google Analytics has very extensive analysis options.

Beside the descriptive representation of how many visitors visit your website, however, the most exciting factor is the analysis of where or how the visitors come from.

Not only does it show you which websites link to you, it also shows you how many visitors came to your website via the link.

Among them are also the social media channels, so you can see directly how many visitors you actually receive per month from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co.

Take care of guest posts

If you are just at the beginning, then it is probably very difficult to publish a guest contribution on other websites.

Friends, acquaintances or business relationships that already exist should be an ideal starting point.

Guest contributions are a perfect way to attract readers who don't know you, your website or your product.

What's the best way to do that?

  1. First research which blogs would be considered. If possible, create a very extensive list.
  2. Think of exciting content to win the blogger for you, who sees a real added value in publishing your guest contribution.
  3. Afterwards you contact a few bloggers and ask them to publish a guest article. Don't let yourself be discouraged if you get some cancellations at the beginning.
  4. If a blogger agrees with a guest post, make it as easy as possible for him to publish it. Find out exactly how, what and where it is needed so that you don't have to spend a lot of time with it.
  5. If you haven't already done so, offer the blogger the opportunity to publish an expert article on your website.

Build up a long-term network of experts from which everyone involved benefits equally.

Remember also that you can publish guest posts not only on blogs or websites, no also in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co. this is possible.

Visits to events and conventions

Even if the Internet is the largest marketing channel, there are real people behind every user and that is what matters in the end.

Personal meetings among bloggers are still among the most useful contacts.

Therefore, visit thematically relevant events, trade fairs, events or regulars' tables. These are ideal for exchanging experiences and will certainly also bring you new ideas.

In addition, you expand your network of experts.

Remember, however, in the real world it is not about exchanging business cards, the focus is on direct communication.

At trade fairs and events, very good contacts can also be made with manufacturers and suppliers who are always interested in keeping in touch with bloggers, nowadays also known as influencers.

These are again inclusion factors that can affect your later income.

Effective use of e-mail

As a blogger, you send dozens of emails to others every day. You will also receive many inquiries or questions from your readers.

Therefore, use an e-mail footer with the most important information about your website and also link to certain topics that are particularly important to you.

To even measure how many visitors you can attract in this way, use a URL-Shortener service. is recommended, in addition to a short URL, there is also a tracking which gives you information about how many visitors come to your website via these links.

Conduct polls with your readers

Polls are a great way to find out more about your readers, they get very involved with short opinion polls.

Last but not least, this results in exciting topics for discussion, which again lead to exciting new contributions.

Where do the visitors of your most important competitors come from?

The currency for a good ranking in the search engines are undisputed backlinks.

If your most important competitors already have a high number of visitors, it's worth taking a look behind the scenes.

Where do the visitors come from? What are the most important traffic suppliers? Which links take visitors to your most important competitors?

That's not hard to find out. There are 3 providers that are recommended here to find out these links:

Ahrefs helps you learn why your competitors rank so well in Google and what you need to overtake them.

According to MAJESTIC the largest link data base of the world leads.

MOZ built the largest community of SEOs and brought radical transparency to the industry. Open Site Explorer is also free if you have registered.

If you now analyze a competitor in this way, try to identify a pattern that suggests a strategy.

These links also provide information on where guest posts are possible.

If this strategy is applied to a large number of competitors, such a list offers enormous possibilities that can directly influence the success of the website.

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Roxana Nelson
Online editor and writes regularly for leading online media about various marketing instruments. The understandably packaged expert knowledge is appreciated by beginners as well as professionals.
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