Beginner’s Guide: Should I blog for money?

May 1, 2018

Generally nothing reprehensible is to be obtained with the own Blog both passive and active income.

There are many examples on the Internet where bloggers can even earn up to 6 figures a month.

Surely it depends on the way of actual implementation. Some may find the question superfluous or even reprehensible.

The fact is, however, that nobody likes advertising and casual pop-ups that constantly jump into the screen and thus have no added value at all.

Blogger and earn money

Here, a general distinction should be made between different types of income from making money:

  • Direct income
  • Passive income
  • Indirect income

This is a constant issue among bloggers. But at the latest in this day and age, when the term influencer was born, the subject has also become more normal.

What is direct income?

Anything you offer for money, a direct placement on the site, such as advertisements, paid content (also called sponsored posts).

This type of income can be achieved at a very early stage of possible sources of income, since neither awareness nor a high number of visitors plays a major role here.

With so many possible sources of income, it is also not necessary to resort to this, albeit lucrative way of earning money.

Another type of direct revenue can also be product testing.

The Blogger receives not necessarily directly a remuneration, but often as payment for it the appropriate advertised product or service.

However, your readers quickly recognize the intention behind what was blogged, so paid content should generally be avoided.

Marking paid content

What many bloggers also like to forget that paid content must also be marked as such.

Not only to inform the reader transparently before reading about it, so that one's own credibility is not lost, no, this labelling obligation is also prescribed by law.

So the question if you should blog for money is more like no. Also not every blog is suitable for it around thereby direct incomes to obtain.

Your motivation for blogging should not be based solely on motivation in order to earn a lot of money.

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Jamie Kleven
Since his youth he has been fascinated by the world of digital media. He quickly realizes that on the basis of this digitality, much more is possible than just pastime or simple research.
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