Data Protection
WP LAW. Avoid Legal Risks, Always Automatically Up-To-Date
We help with legal requirements so you can focus on your business. Choose from over 800 web services and drag and drop them into your Privacy Policy, available in 29 languages. Created and maintained by our international legal team to comply with major international laws.
EU: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Updated when the law changes
How does WP LAW work?
Most countries have privacy laws that require you to include a privacy policy. WP LAW makes it easy to comply with legal requirements across multiple countries legislations.
1. Customize
Choose from over 800 web services and drag and drop them into your privacy policy. The policy adapts to the styling of your website. You can add your own CSS definitions to the classes used in the code.
2. Integrate easily
The integration code can be inserted on any page. We have integrated the WP LAW icon in the WordPress Editor. The policy is hosted on our servers so that both you and our international legal team can keep it updated.
3. Auto-update
Need to add a new Affiliate Network or Payment Provider to your policy? Launching a newsletter or expanding to a new language? Use our WP LAW dashboard to make changes in one click, while relying on our legal team pushing updates when the law changes.
Features And Benefits
Attorney-level compliance solutions at the convenience only software can provide.
Customize from over 800 Web Services
Generate in up to 29 languages
User-friendly Dashboard
Create your own Privacy Policy
Third Party Load Protection
Refuse to accept EU traffic on your site
Hosted Service
Updated when the law changes
White label, add your own CSS definitions
Who needs a privacy policy?
Basically every website...
All companies, freelancers, sole traders and so on with a business internet presence. Only privately used websites do not require a privacy policy.
Do you REALLY Need To Be GDPR Compliant?
If people from European union can visit and interact with your site, you need to be compliant.
If people from EU can sign up as leads on your site, or give you their data in any other way, you need to be compliant.
If your site makes use of any cookies or has any 3rd party integrations that uses cookies.
It doesn’t matter whether you sell anything to EU people or not. If they can access, you gotta be compliant.
Here are the Consequences of not being GDPR compliant:
Fine of up to Europ 20 Million or 4% of your global revenue.
Prohibition on the sale of goods or services to EU customers.
Prohibition of advertising or monetization of customers in EU countries.
Severe legal costs and hassles that will stop you from focusing on your business.
WP LAW: Keeping laws has never been easier
Without knowledge simply make your website legally secure by Drag & Drog. The quality of an international legal team at the convenience of an online software solution.

User-friendly Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to edit, customize, and update the privacy policy without technical knowledge.

It is very simple and straight forward to add your first privacy policy. Just click on one of the “Start generating” button.

Third Party Load Protection

Themes or plugins contain external features without your knowledge, such as Facebook services, Google services or other services. These services are called Third Party. When you visit the website, data is collected from the services or cookies are set.

This is not GDPR compliant if it is not sufficiently stated in the Privacy Policy. To avoid mistakes that can be very expensive, it is therefore a very important function. Ignorance does not protect against punishment.

This is how Third Party Load Protection works:

  1. When the website is visited, data from third parties is stored in a temporary folder on the web server and only then transferred to the visitor. This ensures that no personal data or cookies from third parties are transmitted.
  2. If the visitor leaves the website or the session is closed, the temporarily created folder is deleted from the web server again.